Current Incentives!

Membership FAQs

What is included in your Membership?
     -  Monthly Meetings (via video and/or in-person)!
     -  Access to the Member's Only Facebook page! 
     -  Seasonal Parties!
     -  Field Trips (often free or minimal cost)!
     -  Playgroups!
     -  Adult Socials!
     -  Discounted tickets to Special Events!
     -  Consignment Sale!
     -  Monthly Newsletter!
     -  Small Business Saturdays!
     -  Preschool Meet-n-Greet!
     -  Friends for life!
     -  This group is only as good as the members make it; suggestions welcome!

What are the Membership Requirements?
It takes a village; everyone helps out in order to keep the organization running smoothly!  Therefore, each membership family must: 
     -  Work a two-hour shift at the consignment sale.
     -  Serve on at least one committee (see below for list).  

How do you become a Member?
     -  Use the below link to fill our the membership form and pay fee.  An email
         will be sent to you with a link to join our Member's Only Facebook Page     
        and Committee Sign-ups.

Join today!

Register before 09/15/21 to get a discount!

Before 09/15/21 - $20 Membership Fee per Family.
After 09/16/21 - $25 Membership Fee per Family.

Membership Form

Learn more about what we do (descriptions coming soon!)


     -  Community Service
     -  Fall Party
     -  Field Tips
     - Ice Cream Social
     -  Membership Drive (not available 2021)
     -  Member Mingle
     -  Playgroups
     -  Publicity 
     -  Social
     -  Spring Party
     -  Sunshine 
     -  Ways and Means
     -  Winter Party